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No Deposit Bonus Casinos Online Real Money– An Old Turned Modern Form Of Addiction

Gambling – How long has this been going on?


Gambling has been an addictive issue for a long while now. It used to come in the form of playing cards, be it no deposit bonus casinos online real money poker, rummy or blackjack, placing bets on horses, cricket teams or even lotteries. Every other addict among drug users, alcoholics are victims of gambling. Casinos often use these vulnerable states of mind to develop their business just like any liquor shop. This addiction is not medically recognizable and there lies the most pressing issue.

Online gambling


To put it simply, the devil has left the poker table and has come to reside on our phones. Every other advertisement on Instagram or YouTube is for an online rummy application which funnily enough also has a disclaimer at the end. People read it and follow it as much as smokers read and follow the warning on the pack. If it used to be difficult to find ‘bookies’ to run their game for them, it has become that much easier for the victims to download a free app from the App store or Google Play Store and indulge in this habit for however long they want. If this is not the worst, people who are otherwise not exposed and safe from this are also pulled into the vortex through these advertisements. It is very easy for someone looking to make some cash on the side to get sucked into the whirlpool of damage.


How does it begin?


Much like any other form of addiction, it all begins in a simple and innocent way. Just a friendly game of cards, a way to indulge in your curiosity. A simple wager of 2 bucks just to make it more interesting, to raise the stakes ever so lightly. A continuous string of wins which is the most important source of growth for the addiction. A loser would not want to keep playing and will definitely not want to add to the pot. Only a winner on a high from a lucky night will keep it going. More often than not, the first night is indeed lucky. They go home a happy player, thanking lady luck for being on their side today.

Addiction is a disease like any other physical illness and it is important to remember that compassion and empathy for those affected is the only cure.