Understand different rules of the Roulette game

Understand different rules of the Roulette game

First of all, it is good to refresh the rules of roulette, both for those few who do not know them and for all the others, who may be a refresher does not hurt.

The rules

The คาสิโนออนไลน์ game consists of a huge slightly concave wheel, inside which there are 37 sections (38 in the American one). Each of these sections is marked with a number, from 0 to 36. The zero is coloured green, the other numbers are red or black. The croupier, or the one who manoeuvres the roulette wheel, is the person in charge of throwing the ball which, after several spins, will stop on one of the numbered sections.

A green table is placed outside the wheel, which is the playing mat on which to place bets. Usually, in the centre of the carpet, there are all the roulette numbers, while on the outside there are all the various combinations on which it is possible to bet:

Red and black

Even and odd



Each player can place bets as long as the croupier himself declares it closed. At the end of the round at UFA, when the ball has landed on one of the sections, the croupier will pay the winning bets.

The bets

The first and fundamental subdivision of the various roulette bets is between internal and external. Inside bets are all those that are made within the rectangle bearing the individual numbers.

  • Inside bets:

Straight Up: A bet on a single number, which pays 36 times the stake

Split: Bets on a pair of adjacent numbers – pays 18 times the stake

Triplet: bet on three consecutive numbers: pays 12 times the stake

Carré: bet on a square of 4 adjacent numbers: pays 9 times the stake

Sestina: bet on a rectangle of 6 consecutive adjacent numbers: pays 6 times the stake

  • Outside bets:

To these are added the external bets, i.e. those made outside the area comprising the individual numbers. Outside bets typically payout 2 or 3 times the stake, depending on the odds.

Red / Black, Even / Odd: they all pay twice the stake

Columns and Dozen: they all pay 3 times the post

Special bets

The so-called special bets are added to the internal and external ones.

Zero and Neighbors: bet on zero, on the 7 numbers to its right and the 9 to its left.

Series 5/8: bet on the 12 numbers furthest from 0 on the wheel, precisely from 27 red to 33 black.

The differences between the various types of Roulette

The most important difference of all is that between French and American Roulette. The first has only one 0, the second has zero and double zero. This not only translates into an increase in the sectors in the wheel, from 37 to 38 but above all in a greater disadvantage of the player against the house. That extra number pushes the house’s mathematical advantage from 2.7% to 5.26%.

Then there is the European Roulette also called English, with other small differences compared to both the French and the American.