Poker is traditionally a card game which is both fun and intellectually stimulating. Let’s get into the basics of it.


This game has become popular and has a digital version of it called online poker. Online poker is the same as the traditional one except that here the players can be of any country or continent as long as they have access to the equipment required for the game. It is also extremely famous in recent times because of its easy to play, from the comfort of your home concept with Situs BandarQQ and making money out of it.

Want to win Big??

One of the reasons online poker is popular is that you can win big. Yes, you heard it right.

For many poker players, their ultimate dream is to become a winner of a tournament where they can win millions or a bigger cash prize that you can ever imagine. The best part of this dream is that it can become a reality if you play it right.

Almost all major sites offer various Sit & Go’s which will eventually lead for you to qualify for the main tournament to be able to fight for the winner position.


Whether you are a beginner or a skilled player online poker has many benefits. It is cheaper than the traditional casino rooms, and there are plenty of people playing so that you can play whenever you want. Online poker games give welcome bonuses for the first time players so that you can play without investing your own money.

Some popular Poker games by PKV games (the most popular poker game in the world), omaha, seven card stud, 2-7 triple draw, Chinese Poker etc.. There are three types of online poker –

  • Community Card Poker
  • stud Poker
  • and Draw Poker

Every variant falls into this category.

One of the biggest differences between online poker rooms and land based poker rooms is that land based poker rooms can have only limited tables however online poker rooms can open unlimited number of tables based on the number of players. An online poker room is just a few clicks away. There is no wait list unlike in casinos. Physical poker can give you its own highs as players enjoy looking at playing tendencies and tell tale signs which include expressions, shaking hands, nervousness or just about anything they can see or hear.

Poker has a knack to it and with hands on experience alone, one can master the game. The basics are a must and the rules of the game are tedious in itself. Poker is a challenging game and has the best interests of people from all age groups and hence the craze. The basics of poker may not be as basic as it seems as the game itself is larger than life.