There are plenty of Poker variations and Omaha-5 is one of its amazing versions you should try. It is like the traditional Omaha but with an exciting twist. It would be great to know the differences between the two.


The flop, turn, and river in the traditional Omaha has random cards from the unseen deck. Any card may appear. The board cards in Omaha-5 are not random. It has cards the players have seen and selected. You need the very best possible hand to win Omaha-5. The usual winning hand depends on the coordination of the board cards.

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How to play

  • Players each receive 5 hole cards face down.
  • Each player chooses a card to discard face down.
  • The dealer gathers and shuffles all discarded cards.
  • A betting round takes place.
  • The dealer draws 3 cards from the discarded pile for the flop.
  • Another betting round ensues.
  • Again, the dealer draws another discarded card for the turn.
  • Players place their bets once more.
  • The dealer puts another discarded card for the river.
  • Betting occurs again.
  • A showdown will be next if playing for high only. If playing high-low splits, declaration is next.
  • For high-low splits, another betting round takes place.
  • Finally, the showdown occurs to determine the winner.

It is best to have cards that give you plenty of winning possibilities. Each player starts with 5 cards and can choose the weakest card to discard. Make sure you keep cards with the most advantage. Coordination of the cards is crucial in games like Omaha-5.

A high pair or two is a good start if you are playing for high. These should be in good coordination with other cards. Single pairs, even aces, are not very good starting hands without extra coordination. It would be best to have suited high-connected cards if you aim for flushes and straights. Middle cards tend to form mediocre full houses and lows. Aim for very high cards or very low cards. Getting triples in your hand is not helpful since you can only use 2 of those cards.

Like in most games at, it is vital to think of the future actions of your opponents. Check what they are most likely to keep and what they tend to discard. It would be best to collect and keep what they discard. It will provide you a higher chance of winning. That is because they do not usually consider if the card they discard will be helpful to another player.