What is poker and what are some of the different games to try?

Poker is one of the popular collection of card games among huge population of gamblers around the world. This is because of the interesting time that these games will provide when they are played. A single game is never called poker instead a collection of card games were and are usually called poker then and now as well. People who are really interested in such card games can register with Joinsini to explore all their poker interests.

Now we think you might have learnt what the word poker is all about and now you are going to learn the different kinds of it and how some of them are played. They are as follows,

  • First comes the popular Texas hold’em. In this game, the dealer will first deal two cards for each of the players sitting around. Then the dealer will deal five cards in general by dealing three at a time first and then one next and then the other. These cards will not be exposed to the players first and when each cards are exposed, the players will be allowed to bet. The player who will have the best hand will win the game. Get to know about the possible winning hands that will make you win.
  • Similarly, there are other games like Omaha hi lo, pot limit Omaha, 7 card stud, razz, 5 card draw, Chinese poker, etc. All of these games are played using standard deck of cards only but the number of players and deck of cards will vary depending on various reasons.
  • No body needs to go to any one real casino place to play any of the above said games as everything is available online in various casino sites. You can find sites that provide all the other casino games along with poker or some sites are specifically designed to provide only poker games.
  • If you wanted to try any of these games online, then we have come up with one of the trustworthy sites like Joinsiniwhere you can play any of the games that you would prefer to at anytime of the day without any restrictions at all. Try to spend your time on playing different kind of games as it will be interesting to be on various games. Make proper plan to make bets and play accordingly.