Always learn the rules before you start the game

The online casino has become so popular that you can find many new gamblers getting attracted to the online casino games. This has also increased the competition among the online casino websites that’s why the online casinos have started including different versions of the same game. One such game is the บาคาร่า which has many different versions of games. It is very simple to play and it is with user friendly house edge. If you want to play the baccarat game than you must know some rules before you start.

  • The games starts with placing the bet, the betting should be placed before the hands begin. The objective of the game is to get the total which should be closed to the number nine. The betting can be placed on the bank hand; player or saying that game will tie.
  • When the card value is calculated for total, all the tens and the face cards will have no value that means zero. The ace card has value of one and all the remaining cards score base their face value.
  • The dealer of the game will decide before hand that will be entitled to take the third card among the bank and the player. In the entire บาคาร่าออนไลน์ game each hand will have only three cards.
  • The wining rule of the baccarat game is that whoever correctly bets on the player hand than they qualify for one to one payout. In case the player correctly forecast the bank hand wining than even they are qualifies for one to one payment. And if the game is tied than the payout for the winner is eight to one. The score sheets are available near the table so that each players can check there score.
  • If you have bet on the player hands and you win than you will be getting double the amount you have placed the bet. And if you have placed the bet on the bank and then the payout is the ninety five percent of the bet amount.


Hope you understood how the baccarat game is played. Happy gaming!!